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There are so many metrics involved that can ultimately decide whether or not a person will find your website to be pleasing in both functionality and aesthetics. Ultimately, it doesn't matter how attractive your website is if nobody can find it. There is a fine balance between creating an aesthetic website and a content rich, SEO friendly one. We strive to strike a balance between the two by delivering websites with attractive looks and intuitive features.

Another thing we specialize in is our ability to handcraft coding programs and web applications to suit your needs. We have an in house team of highly experienced coding professionals with years of experience working for both private corporations and government agencies. Due to this high level of cyber security experience, we can confidently offer cyber security and software engineering results that other agencies can't match.

Software Development

Baylyn Media uses open source and proprietary platforms to provide high quality custom software to our customers. We handle all of the management, administration, and training so that our clients may focus on running their businesses. We will work with you to ensure that the end user experience is top notch, and that all of your visions are realized. With a stringent focus on quality, our QA is top notch and ensure a pixel perfect delivery every time.

Every day, we push the software development limits. This is evident just by looking at our Baylyn Bodies project. An old engagement tactic once weighed down by Flash and security vulnerabilities was reborn through JavaScript, PHP, and HTML5. Not only does our system work faster, it also works on current mobile devices. We have the staff and know how to work with any coding languages as well as CMS, CRM, and analytics systems.

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It’s the science of understanding and utilizing website content and code in order to build your brand. This helps your business generate leads using the keywords your customers are using, and it earns you links. Here at Baylyn, we’ve devoted years to developing and perfecting the skills necessary to take the mystery out of SEO.

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