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Lead Generation: CPC (Cost per Click)

CPC refers to the actual price you pay each and every time a potential lead clicks on your web ad and visits your site. Cost per click is determined by a few factors, including your competitor's ad rank and your quality score. Because of the competitive nature of AdWords, maximum bid, ad quality score, and ad rank are all very much dynamic figures. This is where having a digital firm helps. Baylyn Media works hard to reduce your overall cost per click and drive down the budget.

Keyword Research

In AdWords, the average cost per click fluctuates between different markets and while no two clients are alike, Baylyn Media is a digital firm capable of delivering aggressively priced clicks. Lower cost per click for you means more money in your pocket to grow your business further.

In today's advertising world, digital is more important than ever and web advertising lies at the center. Having a low cost per click is critical to efficiently budgeting your media marketing campaign.
If you think you're being overcharged by your current marketing, or need a cost effective solution to fill your Sales Funnel with quality leads contact us today